To generate a spell-binding effect of music with fireworks, we integrate world’s favorite music tracks with fireworks with our specialized crew and are trained by the leaders and expert in pyrotechnics and Mr. Waheed Bin Hasan AlKhan, a well known Bahraini music composer.

Musical Fireworks

A perfect blend of fire and water! It can brilliantly portrait how professional we are and the effectiveness of the shells that we use.

Water Fireworks

Paragliders with exceptional abilities create wonders with laser! Laser shows on power paragliding is fantastically developed by El Pyro Fireworks.

Power Paragliders

with Laser

It’s one of the most contemporary ideas which can offer an incredible experience to its viewers and exemplify that fireworks refreshes people.

Mall - Over-Glass Fireworks

It is a mesmerizing view of microlight flights with banners fly across the sky in well arranged manner. It takes pure professionalism to perform one of its kind.

Microlights with

Banner (Daytime)


It is an awe-inspiring sight of fireworks on a boat that moves around in the water body. The background is perfectly arranged by different pyrotechnics.

Fireworks on many microlights flying together might remind you of a military aero show.

Microlights with Fireworks

Its an enthralling feeling when fireworks are done on fast moving paraglider! This again makes El Pyro Fireworks a brand that can generate everlasting memories in your audiences.

Power Para-Gliders

with Fireworks

Stage Fireworks

Stage fireworks create an amazing impression by the way it is administered and performed. It best suits when its an indoor event for an individual or for organizations.

Power Paragliders

with Confetti

A magnificent view of even bigger paragliders dropping or throwing down small bits of paper (confetti), brilliantly colored to enhance the view on an event or a festival.

It’s a sensational showcase of El Pyro’s fireworks.

Aerial Fireworks

Wedding Fireworks

Make your wedding complete with wedding displays for that unforgettable big day.